Academy M Equipment

Scalp Scope
Ozone Steam Machine
Dream Sleep Essential Oil- 3 Drops in Ozone Steam Machine
Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Lemon Essential Oil
Aloe Vera Gel
PH Test Strips
LED Stylist Light
Hair Therapy Red, Green and Blue Light
Red Light Therapy Bulb
Red Light Therapy Light
Pendant Light
Red Infrared Bulbs
Heating Pad
Massage Table Warmer
Shower Head Filter
Shower Head Filter
Towel Warmer
Towel | Robe Warmer
Robe Warmer
White Salon Towels
Salon Towels (Dry Warm Towels)
Spa Robes
Satin Robe
Changing Room
Laundry Basket
Laundry Hamper
Mini Fridge
High Frequency Hair Tool
Sectioning Duck Billed Hair Clips
Clear Glass Dispensers
Wash Bottles
Sea Breeze
Cotton Rounds
Facial Headband
Jade Eye Mask
Lavender Heated Eye Mask
Steam Eye Mask
Under Eye Mask
Lip Mask
Lavender Jelly Face Mask
Facial Applicator Fan Brushes
Disposable Spatulas
Disposable Lip Applicator Brushes
Disposable Eyelash Spoolies
Glass Syringe
Glass Eye Droppers for Oil
Disposable Plastic Container with Lids
Clear Glass Drooper Vails
Stainless Steel Tooth Comb
Dandruff Comb
Scalp Exfoliating Brush
Hair Oiling Applicator
Silk Pillowcase
Heated Foot Rest
Disposable Slippers
Fuzzy Socks
Black Fuzzy Socks
Daisy Clips
Checkered Claw Clips
Velvet Blanket
Barbicide Disinfecting Jar
Hand Sanitizing Wipes
Vinyl Gloves
Alkaline Water
Disposable Chair Covers
White Salon Chair
Shampoo System with White Bowl
Rolling File Cart
Rolling Storage Cart
Rolling Storage Cart
Rolling Storage Cart
Plastic Drawer Organizers
Salon Rolling Tray
Adjustable Stool
Full Length Arch Mirror
Towel Hooks
Linen Curtain Panels
Vanity Stool
Custom Window Decal
Trichology Textbook
Scrub Bottoms
Scrub Top
Wholesale Root Analysis Kit