Studio 5 News Features The Scalp Facial Lounge

Studio 5 News Features The Scalp Facial Lounge

Studio 5 News | Your hair will thank you for trying a scalp facial.

It’s a statement that we stand by and feel like all women would agree with: the best part of a haircut or color is when they shampoo and condition your scalp, and hopefully throw in a little scalp massage, too. Well, a new spa experience does just that… for an entire hour!

Studio 5 Producer Harlee Frodsham visited the Scalp Facial Lounge in Lehi to experience the latest and greatest in spa treatments – the scalp facial.

The scalp facial is a luxurious and educational experience that starts with a hair analysis. “A hair analysis tells us things like potential deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids,” explained Certified Physician Assistant Tyson Wilcox. “This is a great tool to be able to figure out what steps need to be taken to better optimize nutrition and overall wellbeing.”

After the hair analysis, clients discuss their scalp concerns with the experts. They examine the scalp under extreme magnification to learn how many hairs are growing out of each strand and whether there is potential for more hair to grow out. “Our goal is to help people fight hair loss,” said owner and CEO of The Scalp Facial Lounge, Mandie Sue Evans.

During the scope, they show you the problem. Then, they fix it with the scalp facial treatment.

The scalp facial treatment is designed to stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth. The team at the Scalp Facial Lounge uses pure infrared lighting and a series of treatments to clean and refresh the scalp.

The treatment includes clarifying, removing, and thickening stimulation, followed by conditioning and masking to help remove all buildup and dead cells. The session concludes with a facial and massage, leaving clients feeling relaxed and pampered.

“When we’re stressed, there goes our hair. When we’re going through medical issues, there goes our hair. When we’ve been pregnant, when we are postpartum, when we have a lot of these things, there goes our hair. At the end of the day, our hair can come back, and that’s what we want. We want to bring people awareness and confidence that it can and will come back. We just have to find the right solutions,” Mandie Sue explained.

After the treatment, you’ll go back under the scope to see the results. Harlee noticed an improvement in her scalp health. “All of that extra stuff is gone! The dead cells are gone,” she exclaimed.

She also noticed a difference in the smell and texture of her hair. “Oh, they put products in there that left my hair smelling so good. They had all these yummy serums, and my hair was feeling so soft after.”

While the scalp facial is on the pricier side, it’s a luxurious experience that’s worth the investment, especially for those who are worried about hair loss or want to get ahead of it. It’s also a great gift idea for loved ones. “I see this being a really good gift for moms for sisters. I went with my sister, and it was a fun girl’s afternoon,” Harlee said.

If you're looking for a scalp spa in Utah, the Scalp Facial Lounge is a top destination. For those searching for a "scalp facial nearby" or a "scalp massage Utah," this is the perfect place to indulge. Whether you're googling "scalp facial near me" or simply want a rejuvenating scalp facial, the experts here provide an experience that’s second to none. Your hair will thank you!

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