Academy M Trichoscope PRE-ORDER


Introducing the cutting-edge 8-Setting Trichoscope, exclusively customized by Mandie Sue! This revolutionary machine combines all the essential steps you need in one device to create a seamless and effective experience.

By investing in this advanced trichoscope, you'll not only enhance your professional image but also gain a competitive edge in your city. As one of the first to offer this exceptional technology, get ready for clients to keep coming back for more because of the benefits of your upgraded services. Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your practice and provide your clients with an experience they won't forget!


Massage Stimulater

High Frequency Shocker

Scalp Detection Handle (Scope) with 200X magnification

Ultrasound Probe

Vibrating Scalp Infusion Roller

Oxygen Spray Gun

Scalp Suction Tubing

Scalp Scraper

Captures 4 images

Dimensions: 20x20x43” | 46 lbs.

Please note: This custom Trichoscope is made to order. After payment is received it will take 40-50 days for shipment to arrive.